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Tangie Cake 5Pk


Pack: 5 Pack

5 Pack of Premium Cannabis Joints



Strain Specific Pre-Rolls

100% Nug Premium Flower

Take your retail space to the next level with Signature Cannabis’ Tangie Cake Pre-Rolls. This 5 pack of premium cannabis 1 gram joints are strain specific, containing only the finest grade marijuana available for a net weight of 5 grams total. Every joint is slow-cured and hand-rolled for maximum flavor and enjoyment that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Each preroll contains all-natural ingredients free from any harsh chemicals, allowing you to get a clean burn every time while providing an unforgettable experience each time you use it! Whether smoking alone or sharing with friends, Signature Cannabis Pre-Rolls are sure to bring plenty of good times!


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